Quayside Frozen Foods swap inefficient lighting for LED.

Glowled have now completed two projects for Quayside Frozen Foods in Gateshead. The first saw the upgrading of their warehouse and cold storage lighting, whilst the second saw their exterior floodlights upgraded to efficient LED fixtures.


Glowled Ltd reduced the amount of lights in the warehouse and cold store from 47 to 34, resulting in a significant slash in Quayside's energy consumption and costs while improving light levels throughout. Annual energy consumption for external lighting will drop from a massive 13,466 to 5,117 kilowatt hours.


General Manager, John Rainbow said "Due to the evolving nature of our site, the lighting provision was difficult to maintain, and as it aged it started failing in key areas of the facility" 


"We knew LED was a good idea and chose Glowled based on their responsive attitude, value for money and ability to deliver us savings."

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