J R Adams Limited light up their yard with LED.

Glowled Ltd completed two projects for JR Adams Transport Limited in Gateshead.  The first project, saw 25 x CREE LEDway MULTI floodlights installed to support a brand new CCTV system and the follow up project involved replacing 400W Metal Halide high-bay lights with LED high-bay fittings in the vehicle repair workshops.


James Adams - Director, whose Grandfather J R Adams started in the early 1930’s with a horse and cart in the East End of Newcastle commented, “Due to the installation of a new CCTV system, good lighting was required to deliver optimum camera performance.  LED promised the good white light needed for clear perception of detail whilst offering long lifetime and no maintenance.”

“I liked the idea that the sensor would dim lights to save energy when an area was unoccupied, but fire up to 100% when someone walks into that area." The floodlights only function during dark hours due to daylight harvesting capabilities built into each floodlight and come with a standard 10 year manufacturer's warranty.


The workshop's new high-bay lights are predicted to save 50% of previous energy costs over the traditional high-bay lights and require no maintenance, whilst delivering good illumination that meets Health and Safety requirements for workshop areas.”


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