Digital Lumens

Digital Lumens is driving the industrial and commercial smart building revolution by providing superior software, products, and system integration.


Its cloud-based intelligence platform, SiteWorx, brings the tangible benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) to commercial and industrial environments worldwide, and leverages the power of connected lighting and IoT sensors to deliver business intelligence from a unique vantage point—overhead. 


Its smart building solutions have been deployed across nearly 500 million square feet of space, and the company is distinguished by breakthrough technology, a management team of proven visionaries from the solid-state lighting and distributed networking industries, and proven results from real-world clients in 45 countries.

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Cree Europe

Cree designs revolutionary LED solutions to make switching to LED compelling, while delivering the light quality needed to help enhance operations. Thanks to its vertically integrated approach, Cree delivers a wide range of products and solutions covering the entire production channel, with the unique advantage of controlling the process and offering high-quality products.


Cree first brought the blue LED to market in 1989, and today Cree’s XLamp® LEDs have continually exceeded industry standards for brightness and efficiency.


Recognizing the revolutionary potential of LED lighting, in 2008 Cree expanded its product lines into LED-lighting applications, such as ceiling fixtures. Today, products from Cree’s Lighting group are available to Clients through the retailers around the world.

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