Lear Corp make the switch to LED lighting.

Glowled has completed a project for Lear Corporations TACLE Seating facility in Houghton-le-spring, Sunderland. The project has seen the Warehouse fitted with Digital Lumens Intelligent LED High Bay fixtures.

Lear was founded in 1917 in Detroit, Michigan as American Metal Products, a manufacturer of tubular, welded and stamped assemblies for the automotive and aircraft industries.


The lights in the aisle use occupancy sensors to determine when to switch on, dim down and ultimately switch off. When no movement is detected, the LED lights dim down slowly to a stand-by state. If no movement is detected at this point the lights will switch off. If any occupancy is re-detected, the aisle is instantly lit for user-set period, until occupancy event is complete.


Site manager, Jason Penney said "Our warehouse lights were burning 24 hours a day, 5 days a week - The Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System promised the fastest return on investment over other, less flexible suggestions."


"Measurements are showing space utilisation as low as 15% in some areas that had HID lights burning 24/7. Now they smoothly dim up and down when required."

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