Riverdale Paper make savings with LED upgrade.

Glowled Ltd won contract to design and install new lighting systems for Riverdale Paper PLC – a forward thinking waste management company in Gateshead. The company, which has sites in Gateshead and Durham, now expects to save at least £7,500 a year.


Arzhang Tahmosybayat, of Glowled, said “For the 93,000 sq. ft. interior project in Durham we replaced thirty-three 400w metal halide fittings with an intelligent lighting system using thirty-five 140w Intelligent LED lights. The system is efficient, flexible and meets the specific lighting requirements for all areas.”


“Using input from Riverdale Paper’s team at the Durham site we identified specific task areas within the factory space, and zoned the system accordingly to gain maximum control of the lights. The team at Riverdale have taken full advantage of the calendar facility and scheduled their lighting to follow their working hours – no light is wasted.”


“As well as making huge financial savings, their annual energy consumption for interior lighting will drop from 43,515 kilowatt hours to 2,747 kilowatt hours.”


The system, installed from December 2013 to January 2014, will also allow Riverdale Paper to make operational changes and monitor and download the system’s energy use and daylight harvesting data. The quality of light has also improved the working conditions for the staff onsite and complements the tight security in place for the disposal of confidential waste. The lighting system was designed to meet or exceeded the light levels required, delivering an average in excess of 400 lux at the working plane.


“The second part of the project upgraded HID floodlights that had a variety of lamps consuming between 15w and 400w at both the Gateshead and Durham sites.


Our floodlights deliver and average of over 10 lux at floor level, dim when no-one is present and only function during dark hours due to daylight harvesting capabilities built into each floodlight. The standard 10 year warranty gives Riverdale Paper PLC peace of mind that their chosen energy-efficient floodlights will deliver reliable, usable light for many years to come.”


Kevin Brown, assistant general manager at Riverdale said: “We are delighted with the new lighting system designed by Glowled for our Durham site. We are already enjoying dramatic financial savings and expect our carbon reductions will reduce by 41 tonnes over the course of this year.”


“Based on the performance and savings made over the next six months, we will aim to go ahead and have the Intelligent lighting system installed at out site in Gateshead.”


“Glowled’s service from initial meetings to installation and commissioning has been of the highest standard. They have delivered us an outstanding solution that exactly fits out needs.”


Daylight plays a large part at Riverdale Paper PLC as collection wagons return continually throughout the day. This activity in turn means they have almost constant supply of ambient light into their main factory spaces during working hours. This free light is monitored and referenced by the Intelligent LED lights enabling them to reduce their electricity consumption when sufficient ambient lighting is present.


LightRules control platform helps Riverdale keep on top of their lighting-related energy use whilst offering the ability to make quick changes to the lighting profiles from and desktop in the facility.


As each light monitors its own consumption, LightRules’ data-driven reports give a visual snapshot of Riverdale’s consumption and costs.