Teamwork matters

Blog - Wed, Sep 20th, 2017

Here at Glowled we recognise the importance of teamwork and find that it’s vital to the success of business, output quality and staff retention.

It’s one thing to have a team, it's a whole other thing to have teamwork! When done right, teamwork in the workplace can: 


Bring new ideas. All businesses need new, fresh ideas to succeed in this competitive world. Businesses thrive when they have a diverse team of people who feel that they can contribute their ideas.


Problem solving. Collaboration within a team certainly can help solve problems. Brainstorming is a good opportunity for the team to exchange ideas and come up with alternative and creative ways of doing things. 

Support. Teamwork can create a system to ensure that deadlines are met and that there's high quality work. When work is shared out, it gets done swifter, making the overall business operate much more efficiently. 


Build morale. By working together, members of a team feel a strong sense of belonging and deep commitment to each other and the common goal. Team members will feel that their work is valued when it contributes to something that produces results.

Check out our football pictures above – getting together to play the game is just one way we build teamwork within Glowled. 

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