Digital Lumens launch CLE Family

News - Wed, Jan 18th, 2017

Digital Lumens has expanded its platform with the introduction of a super-high-efficacy intelligent high bay LED fixture - the CLE.

The CLE family now serves as the entry point for Digital Lumens’ comprehensive line of high bay intelligent LED fixtures, and delivers market-leading efficacy of 147 lumens per watt. 12,000, 18,000 and 24,000 lumen output versions are available, in 5000K and 4000K colour temperatures. The fixtures’ innovative design is particularly well suited for ambient warehousing and complex, lean manufacturing environments where Digital Lumens’ progressive dimming feature, fast, facility-wide reprogramming capabilities, and detailed reporting generate significant energy savings, new efficiencies, and collect a multitude of data through LightRules®.

With the introduction of the CLE fixtures, Digital Lumens now offers an integrated solution for the full range of industrial applications and environments, from the most cost-sensitive to the most environmentally challenging. This includes its DLE fixtures for deep cold storage or those facilities requiring the highest degree of lighting requirements, ILE fixtures for the most challenging thermal and IP environments such as heavy manufacturing, and DLA controls that allow any fixture type from any manufacturer to transform into an intelligent lighting system.

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